Better Bearings Stop Failures


A manufacturer of perforated metal for the aerospace, automotive, food, architectural and filtration industries recently contacted our Providence office with a bearing failure problem. They had been using bearings from another supplier, but continued downtime led them to ask BSC Industries for their opinion on flywheel bearings used on the company’s Minster presses. The BSC Industries sales rep and one of our Certified Bearing Specialists visited the facility to look at the failed bearings and see how the bearings were being lubed. They saw that the presses currently use a 216-M and a 218-M bearing to mount the flywheel on the crankshaft of their 36” Minster presses. These bearings require proper grease fill – they were open bearings, over-lubricated in a contained environment.

MRC 218MFF bearing

The BSC Industries team recommended bearings 216MFF and 218MFF MRC maximum capacity type, double shielded radial bearings – lubed for life to eliminate guesswork for lubrication intervals. With the correct bearing in place, the prolonged downtime is gone and a happy customer realizes the benefit of having trusted experts in your corner.

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