BSC Industries, Inc. Helps Customer Save Energy & Money


The BSC Industries team was called into an international large end-user known for aerospace, defense, and security. Their unit in Nashua, NH is in a high security, six story building with thousands of employees. During a luncheon with the facility manager, the sales lead learned the utility company would offer rebate incentives to upgrade older variable frequency drives. The conversation was followed up by an on-site visit to the plant to learn more.

After meeting with the engineers, it was learned that 52 drives were being considered for replacement and the BSC Industries team suggested a demo of an Emerson Control Techniques drive that could afford the company an additional 10-12% annual savings due to their proprietary software. The demonstration resulted in being given drive requirements for 50 HVAC applications.

The final calculations totaled well over $15K in additional energy savings for the customer using the Emerson HVAC drive. The project specifications noted that the final decision would be based upon performance, and BSC Industries earned the business.

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