BSC’s Timely Response Helps Food Producer Avoid Excessive Downtime


At 10 pm on a Tuesday night, the BSC Industries rep from our Worcester office received a call. A national food producer had a breakdown on their production line and needed assistance – fast. The belt on their main machine had snapped. If that machine was down, the entire production line was down, at a cost of $20-25K per hour. They were in a tight spot.

Chiorino belt

Acting quickly, the rep suggested calling in emergency service from Noble Industrial Sales Corp who could bond the spare belt at the facility to get the machine functioning. Installation began at 10 am the following morning and the line was fully functional by 2 pm. The reps from BSC and Noble reviewed the two belts being used on the machine. They were specialty products, sized at 5′ wide x 71′ long with a price tag of $4K each. Every two months they needed to be replaced, which required a specialty weekend crew that worked all day to change them.

The reps recommended a Chiorino belt that was food grade material and could handle the steam in the area as well as wash-downs. It would also eliminate the need for weekend crew replacement because of its longer life cycle and ease of installation.

Additionally, the reps discovered the cylinders and bearings on the machine could not handle wash-downs and needed to be replaced

AMI Prime Bearings

constantly. SMC cylinders and AMI Bearings with steel inserts and caps were recommended for replacement.

BSC Industries is a quick-thinking partner that doesn’t just work with you from 9 to 5. We have the resources to get you back up and running with minimal downtime, and we’ll find you the best products to keep your business running smoothly. Contact us if you want to review your current set up.


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