BSC Industries Integrated Control Systems Saves Machine-Down Emergency


Issue: A customer called our Westbrook, ME location with a machine-down emergency situation. They had bought a 150 HP soft starter from BSC Industries over 12 years ago and, after so many hours of operation, it had failed and needed to be replaced immediately.

Solution: The customer requested an on-site evaluation of the application and to make a recommendation. During the evaluation, the sales rep noticed the soft starter was so old, it was obsolete. While discussing possible replacements, the customer mentioned they wanted to vary the speed of the motor – not just ramp it up slowly – which a soft starter cannot do. The customer also wanted it mounted in an enclosure with a disconnect and stop/start button.

The BSC Industries team recommended a 150 HP AC energy efficient 1,200 RPM motor made by Baldor, and a 150 HP VFD in stock from Delta. The Integrated Control Systems team was able to mount the system into an enclosure per the customer specification and ship it within a few days, allowing the customer to meet their production needs with minimal downtime.

BSC Industries has the unique ability to source, design and build in order to meet your specifications. Contact us if you need to get it just right.