New Chain Significantly Reduces Downtime


Lambda Chain

US Tsubaki Lambda Chain

A leading manufacturer in food-grade packaging consulted our Canton office regarding down-time they were experiencing due to roller chains. The chains on their equipment required frequent adjustments and lubing. These adjustments resulted in eight hours of lost production time every three months!

BSC Industries was able to deliver a chain that met the required specifications. They introduced the Lambda® Chain from US Tsubaki, which was the first in the industry to use a special oil-impregnated bushing. Lambda chains are ideal for operations that need to run “clean” – when machines and conveyed materials must be free from contact with oil, or when lubrication is difficult. Other Lambda benefits include:

  • Outstanding performance in temperatures up to 302*F,
  • Increased sprocket life,
  • Wide ranges of sizes and types for special applications.

For our customer, the sixth generation of Lambda Lube Free Chain was installed due to its standard NSF-H1 food grade lubricant impregnated bushing. This makes the Lambda Chain series perfectly suitable for applications in the food industry.

The new chain has been in use for over two years with no adjustments – saving our customer over 60 hours of lost production hours.

With access to hundreds of suppliers, BSC Industries provides our customers innovative solutions to help reduce costs associated with equipment down-time. Contact us if you want to talk about better options for your process.