The Dirty Job of Bearing Removal


The BSC Industries Worcester office was presented a challenge by a world-wide manufacturer of complex metal components who was having problems removing roller bearings from their blast machines. Grit between the shaft and inner race made removal extremely difficult because the grit would cake onto the machine and become solid, causing the rollers to seize. The removal process often required the assistance of a crane.
rigid split journal bearing
The BSC team knew the best solution was a plain bearing – no rolling parts –¬† that could take heavy shock loads and function in a dirty environment. They presented the customer with a Royersford rigid split journal bearing. This style has all the features of the regular split type and also accommodates larger shaft sizes. Housings are larger for greater strength. Four-bolt bases in the smaller sizes and the addition of a four-bolt cap design for the larger sizes are especially useful for rugged applications demanding more rigidity.

With the new option in place, the manufacturer estimates a savings of over $7K alone in crane costs.

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