BSC Industries, Inc. Provides Total Solution to Food Nutrient Producer


The BSC Industries Engineering team received an inquiry from a food nutrient and additives producer who works with many companies engaged in large scale food production. The original ask was to replace an old servo drive.

The BSC Industries team proceeded to describe new advancements in technology that would simplify the customer’s process. As part of the discussion, they delivered an Example Schematic illustrating how to integrate this new technology into the existing control system (right).

The BSC Industries team was invited to review the application at the customer’s facility (left). During the onsite meeting, the team was shown the two 100 feet edible film drying lines, featuring multiple drying zones. The application has to be independently temperature-controlled within 0.2 degrees Fahrenheit and the 316 grade stainless steel belts also need to be accurately controlled. This level of control is a necessity for the customer due to the temperature-sensitive active ingredients.

The BSC Industries team was able to recommend a complete solution that would help the customer replace the old technology and burned out equipment, as well as improve the efficiency of their drying line with updated control panels. They also recommended a demonstration “breadboard” to be put together for both hardware and software training purposes. The operator supervisor thought this was such a good idea, he also requested an exact duplicate of a control-subpanel (without enclosure) for operator training and maintenance purposes.

What started as on replacement motor expanded in scope to three complete control systems and additional motors, drives and gearheads. Using BSC Industries’ expertise in Bearings & PT, expanded capabilities in Electrical and Automation, and our Integrated Control Systems team, the entire project could be consulted on, engineered and built through one resource, saving time and money. Products included:

  • Bearings & PT – Baldor servo motors, Copley Controls servo drives, Diequa gearheads
  • Electrical & Automation – Patlite signaling towers, Enerdoor line filters, WEG circuit breakers, Littelfuse fuses, Delta power supplies, Saginaw stainless steel enclosures, and C3 operator switch controls
  • Ingetrated Control Systems – panel wiring

Simply filling an order is not how BSC Industries likes to do business. We’re interested in getting to the root of your problem and collaborating with you to develop a total solution that makes your business run better. Contact us for all your options.